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Star Running Coach

I have started running in 2008 as a way to stay in shape. I was always active. I tried different sports when I was in middle school and I played volleyball in high school. While in collage I mostly lifted weights and enjoyed Pilates. When living in Vancouver Canada I hiked a lot, but I never was a runner. At the start of my running journey I could not run a mile without stopping. Fast forward I ran 15 marathons and completed 2 Ironman.

I ran my first marathon in 2010 in 5:15. In 2014 I ran my first BQ in 3:27. I ran Boston Marathon in 2016. I got injured 5 weeks before Boston. To keep my cardio up I started to bike and swim as a cross training and discovered a world of Triathlons. As of October 2018, I am a 2-time Ironman (Madison and Louisville 140.6 Ironman).

I have competed in National Triathlon Championship, as well as National Duathlon Championship. In 2018 I made Team USA and qualified for the 2019 Duathlon World Championship. In 2015 I got into Stairclimbing by luck. Since then, I have run up a number of Chicago iconic tall buildings: Hancock, AON, Willies ( Sears) placing in top 3 females and has earned a status of Elite Staiclimber and was ranked 13 th female in USA in 2017.

I train hard. I believe in consistency and commitment. Running marathons, racing triathlons, staircliming, and just being active, is not just what I do, it is my lifestyle.

I am RRCA running coach. I have coached a number of athletes in the last 4 years to reach their goals. I enjoy sharing my passion and knowledge and help others reach their goals.